5 Ways For College Students To Save Money

Hey everyone,

College is about to be back in session soon. I enjoyed college. I met a lot of awesome people and learned a lot.


However, I was awful with spending money when I was in college. I almost ended up being broke twice.


Because of this, I wanted to share with you all ways you can save money without being broke once the semester is over.

Here they are:

  • Get on a meal plan– I ended up eating at the campus eateries a lot without a meal plan and it blew a hole out of my bank account. A meal plan saves you from having to pay full price for food on campus. It also curbs the temptation to eat out frequently.


  • Find an inexpensive hobby or free activities on campus– I was depressed during my senior year of college. I took 18 hours worth of classes and was working mostly every night. At the end of my class week, I would go to the mall and blow money left to right. I should have taken advantage of the free items and events my campus offered (or just gone for a walk around campus).


  • Try not to buy your textbooks on campus– On my first semester of college, I bought all of my textbooks at the campus bookstore and it cost me around $500. A friend of mine told me that I should have copied and pasted the barcodes for those books and found them online for a cheaper price. I did that the next semester and I saved more money doing it that way. Check out Campus Books.com. They search hundreds of websites and sellers for the best price of textbooks you will need this semester.


  • Don’t try to impress others by spending a fortune– During the first semester of my sophomore year, I thought I would the coolest person of all time by having a cookout before a soccer match. I spent $200 on meat, bread, condiments, a grill, charcoal, and lighter fluid. In reality, no one even cared. I learned that your friends are the ones that like you for you, not your money or possessions. Find friends that like you whether or not you’re poor or rich.


  • Stock up on necessities your campus doesn’t offer when they are on sale– One morning, I thought I had enough deoderant to wear to class. Come to find out, that tube was empty. I ended up going to the convenience store that was on campus and ended up paying around $5 for a tube of deoderant. I could have paid half of that price if I would have paid attention to when the stores had it on sale. I could have saved more than that if I would have used coupons on top of that sale price (because I ended up getting a free paper every Sunday and it had coupons in it).


Another bonus tip: If you need paper, notebooks, pencils, and other basic supplies for class check out Walmart. I noticed yesterday that they had great prices on those items. It’s cheaper to get those there than buying them at your campus bookstore or convenience store.


College can be fun, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Please share with me any tips you have on saving money while in college.

Thank You,

Millennial Dude

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