Zero-Based Budgeting


Hey everyone,

How are you all doing this week? I’m doing alright. I can’t wait until Fall time gets here.


Last week, we discussed about creating a budget.

However, there was a concept I forgot to mention on the last post (it goes in the final steps of budgeting). I completely apologize about that.

Financial experts call this concept zero-based budgeting.


What does this term mean?

It means that you should not have a remaining balance on your budget for every month. All of the money you earn each month should go towards something.

Click the PDF link below to see my zero based budget for an example of what I’m talking about.

Budget for 2016 – Sheet1

If I have money left over, where could that money go towards?


  • Retirement account


  • Business venture you want to do


  • Vacation


  • Big purchase (We’ll go over creating a wish list later)


  • Extra debt payment


If you have any questions about “zero-based budgeting” please let me know.

Tomorrow, we will discuss how to reconcile your budget once each month is over.

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