5 Fun and Frugal Things To Do This Labor Day Weekend


Hey everyone,

As we all know, Labor Day weekend has come. Many of you will probably get a three day holiday.


Need something to do last minute?

Below are 5 things you can do this weekend.

  • Go outdoors– There are several activities you can do outside that won’t cost you a fortune: Camping; Hiking; Going to a park; Taking a scenic drive; Swimming and other water activities; Playing a sport outside; Hanging out on a public beach and relaxing; Exploring somewhere new


  • Attend a high school football game– If you like football, it’s usually cheaper to go to a high school football game than it is to go to a college or pro football game. At my high school, a game is only $10. Just bring your own drinks and snacks. Also, don’t get too carried away with the flashy spirit wear they sell.


  • Have a potluck get together- You can have a party where you make one item and everyone else brings something. It’s a lot cheaper than you having to buy everything because you are only buying one item. Making sure the house is clean also isn’t a fortune.


  • Walk down memory lane– Find old yearbooks and browse through them. It will put you back to everything that happened between you and old lovers and friends (e.g. Jokes; First Kiss; Lunch Conversations; Classes; Teachers you loved and despised) . It will also take you back to events that happened (e.g. Prom; Pep rallies; Sporting Events)  Listen to music you used to listen to. Go through photo albums. Watch old movies and TV shows you liked.


  • Take advantage of the major sales at the grocery stores– Several items will be at their lowest price of the season because grocery stores know people will be buying mass quantities of some of those items for cookouts and parties (e.g. Chips; Grilling Meats; Produce). Stock up on those items. They might not be that low of a price for a while. It’s cheaper to get it now than pay full price when you need that item.


Tell me any fun and affordable ideas you have for this weekend.


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Thank You and Have A Great Labor Day Weekend

Millennial Dude


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