How to save money when shopping at the grocery store


Hey everyone,

Yesterday, we discussed about deciding how often you should grocery shop and how to create a list to bring with you when you grocery shop.

Today, I am going to give you tips on what you need to do on the day of your shopping trip (Part 2 of the series I started yesterday).


Here a 6 tips you can use before you go to the grocery store on your shopping day:

  • Shop at a time when the store is not busy. Less people in the will help you go through the stores quicker to get what you need and will help you stay focused on getting items on your list (not temptations that pop along the way to get to a certain item). I usually would recommend early in the morning or late at night on a weekday or weeknight. Weekends and afternoons tend to be busier at the grocery stores.
  • Eat a meal before you go. If you shop on an empty stomach you will more likely buy more food than you actually need because everything in that store will sound appetizing to you.


  • Try to shop by yourself if you can. Having other people shop with you might make you spend more money than you want to. If you bring a friend they might tempt you to buy something you normally wouldn’t buy. If you bring a significant other or kids, they might put items in the cart that weren’t on your list.


  • Make sure to bring your list, price guide, calculator (you can use the one on your cell phone) and discount cards. These items will help you save money on your grocery bill.
  • If you plan on using coupons to buy certain items on your list, know the store’s coupon policy (and don’t forget to bring them with you). Some stores don’t double coupons or they double coupons up to a certain amount. Some stores don’t accept online coupons or certain manufacturer’s coupons. Some stores don’t accept coupons at all. If you are not sure about a stores rules on coupons, give them a call and ask.
  • Bring cash with you instead of using a debit or credit card. Using cash at your budgeted amount will make you realize how much money is going away each time you spend money on groceries. It will probably make you more conscientious on your spending decisions. With a debit or credit card, you don’t realize how much money is actually going out of your bank account or getting charged on your card until later. 


Now, I am going to give you 5 tips on how you can save money when you are actually shopping at the store.


Here they are:

  • Pay attention to what is on your list. Focus on getting what you put on your list. Don’t get items that weren’t on your list because they were on sale for a good deal. It will help you stay on budget with your groceries.


  • Use your calculator to add up the items you are putting in your cart. This will help you realize how much you are actually spending on groceries. Don’t forget to multiply the subtotal by your local tax rate (if you don’t know just multiply the subtotal by 10%) and add that to your subtotal. If you are over your budgeted amount, you need to put items back before checking out.


  • If you are buying a sale item, make sure it is the correct item on sale. When you are getting an item you think is on sale, make sure it has the correct sale price on it. One time, I went to a store to get a jar of peanut butter for $1.00. When I went to check out, I realized that I didn’t get the right jar of peanut butter. I ended up paying more for that jar of peanut butter than I expected to pay.


  • Pay attention to defects on certain items (e.g. Produce). Don’t get meat or produce that has a funny smell to it or mold/blemishes on it. It means it will go in the trash and that’s money that has been wasted.


  • Make sure items are scanning at the correct price at checkout. Computers aren’t always perfect and are known to make errors. Pay attention to what prices the items are ringing up at. On one of my shopping trips, there was pizza on sale and the pizzas were not ringing up at the correct sale price. If items are not ringing up at the correct price, let the cashier know. They might be able to get a manager to give you the items at the correct price. Or it might be an item that wasn’t on sale but mixed in with items that are on sale. If that’s the case, see if you can exchange the item for the one that’s on sale.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on how anyone can save money while grocery shopping, please let me know.

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Thank You and Have A Great Day

Millennial Dude

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