5 Ways To Save Money Shopping At The Grocery Store


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Today, I wanted to give you 5 ways you can save money when you are shopping at the grocery store. These tips can help you save money on your grocery bill.

  • Skip the bakery and deli section. You can usually make cakes for a lot cheaper than buying them at the store. I do it by buying cake mix for $1.00 or less and frosting for $1.00 or less and using eggs and vegetable oil I already have. After all is said and done, it ends up being less than $5 for the cake vs. paying $10-$20 on a store made cake. Sandwich meat is cheaper prepackaged in the refrigerated meats section ($4 to $5 for a prepackaged 2 pound container) than it is having it sliced at the deli counter ($8 for a 2 pound container).
  • Try store or generic brand of a product. The store or generic brand of a product is cheaper because you are not having to pay for the brand logo being advertised on the product. To me, most store brands taste similar to the brand name product. In fact, some store brands are made at a brand name facility (I watched some store brand meat being packaged at a Hormel facility one time).


  • Give alternative stores a try. You can save money at no-frill stores (e.g. Aldi and Save A Lot) because they mostly carry generic brand products and have limited inventory. Because of that, you are not having to pay their cost to put a brand logo on a product and their cost on carrying 20 types of a product (vs. 1 or 2 types of a product). You can save money at outlet stores (e.g. Bakery outlet stores, Grocery outlet stores) because they usually sell items that have a horrible outer appearance; overstock from regular supermarkets; discontinued items; items that are about to expire; and off season items). For some people, bulk shopping might be worth a try (e.g. Sam’s Club; Costco). If consume certain products on a regular basis it might be worth buying in bulk than waiting 6 weeks for that item to go on sale at a regular grocery store.


  • Stay away from buying items at the checkout area. You can have a piece of fruit or make homemade goodies for a lot cheaper per serving compared to a candy bar at the checkout area. It’s cheaper to get a 2 liter of your favorite soda than it is to get one at the checkout. The money saved can be used for an extra meal or put into a savings account.


  • Sign up for store rewards programs. They will usually help you save money or your groceries compared to not having one. It’s easy to sign up for one (and it costs you nothing). When you get in the store, go to a service counter and let them know that you want to get a store card and they will set you up with one. They can also give you coupons for certain items and discounts on gas (when you spend enough money).


If you have any other tips for saving money when shopping at the grocery store, please comment below.


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Thank You and Have A Great Day

Millennial Dude

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