I Need Your Help With This Blog and My New Blog


Hey everyone,

How are you all doing today? I’m doing well. I survived halfway through the week.

Today will be a different post of some sorts.

I would like your input on this blog and my new blog.


Let’s start with this blog.

Here are some topics I would like to talk about in the future for this blog:

  • Book Reviews of Financial Books
  • Bargain Recipes
  • How to Spend Less on the Holidays
  • How to Save Money on Other Basic Expenses
  • Following the Dave Ramsey Plan and other Dave Ramsey topics
  • Budget Report Cards for Every Month

What types of topics would you like me to discuss (regarding finances)? Please let me know in the comments section.


Now, here is what I would like to discuss on the new blog I am putting together:

  • My Lifestyle
  • Adulting
  • My Viewpoints on Certain Topics
  • Short Stories I Have Created
  • Share Other Blogs I Like To Read and Youtube Channels I Like To Watch
  • Reviews on Books, TV Shows, Movies, and Programs I Participate In

What types of topics would you like me to discuss on my new blog? Please let me know in the comments section.


Thank You to all of my loyal readers. You really make blogging fun on here.


I honestly need to do a better job interacting with you all. Many of you have great blogs that are fun and interesting.


I would like this blog to be successful and helpful to others.

Please let me know if there are any issues with this blog. I would like to get them fixed so people can enjoy reading my blog.


If you liked this post, please like, comment, and subscribe to my blog.

Have A Great Day

Millennial Dude

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