My Budget Report Card for September


Hey everyone,

How did your weekend go? Mine’s went alright, I guess.

I reconciled my budget out for last month.


Today, I will share with you how that went.

Click the link to go to my PDF spreadsheet (september-2016-budget-spreadsheet-sheet1).

Here we go:

  • I projected that I was going to make $940. I ended up making $505 more than I thought.
  • I gave $14 less than I thought I would give. I will give an $14 this coming week.
  • I was over $16 on Utilities. I need to find ways to save more money on my utilities.
  • I spent $3 less than I thought I would on Gas.
  • I spent $9 less than I thought I would on Personal Items.


On groceries, I gave myself double the money because I had an extra paycheck in August from the last company I worked at.

I ended up with a leftover balance of $535.

dollar-163473_640Where will that money go?

  • $20 of that will go to a sinking fund for my cat.
  • As mentioned above, $14 will be given.
  • I plan on putting the leftover $381 to an emergency fund.



How did I do overall?

  • I did okay overall. I was lucky because I had an extra paycheck last month that I normally wouldn’t have. I still can do better though.
  • I need to work on ways to save money on utility bill. Heating and Air during Winter and Summer are costing me a fortune. If you guys have any tips or advice on that, please let me know.
  • At least I have money to start an emergency fund (in case something bad should happen).


If you have any questions about my budget, please let me know.

Thank You and Have A Great Day

Millennial Dude


One thought on “My Budget Report Card for September

  1. I like the idea of this budget report card. Thanks for sharing and I like that you’re putting your savings in an emergency fund! Currently we are really tackling our debt but we made sure to have $1,000 saved up just in case of small emergencies. Once we get a few thousand paid off we plan to increase this to about $5,000 until we can get our 3 months of expenses saved up. I look forward to reading more!


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