Organize October


Hey everyone,

How did your weekend go? Mine’s went well.

Fall time is here and the weather is starting to get cooler outside.


It’s time for me to do get organized in many ways.


Because of this, I dedicate October as Organize October.

I will participate in this from today to November 10th.

Why is organizing important to my finances?

  • Organizing will prevent me from buying extra items that I already have. A few months ago, I bought extra deodorant because I thought I was out of deodorant (but in reality, I had 3 extra things of deodorant below my bathroom sink).
  • Doing this will help me determine what I need to get for the fall and winter season. Through organizing everything in my house, I can make a list of what I need to be able to get through fall and winter time without any hassles. It will prevent me from buying items I don’t need. For example, if I have enough sweaters for the season, I won’t need to by anymore sweaters.
  • It will be easier for me to pay my bills on time. Paying bills when they are due is important. If you pay late, you will probably have to pay extra late fees on top of what you already owed. In some cases (e.g. Water Bill), they might turn your service off until you pay. Once you pay, you will probably have to pay an extra fee to get the service turned back on. To avoid paying unnecessary fees, I will put my bills on a schedule.
  • I can determine how much I need to save up for emergencies and the upcoming holiday season. When I sort out what I have in my bank account, I can know how much I will need to make my emergency fund complete (which will help me out in emergencies). It will also tell me how much money I have to spend on everyone for the Holiday season (and what gifts I can give them).


What do I plan on doing during Organize October?

  • Sort everything out in my closet, bathroom, and pantry to determine what I will need for the upcoming cold weather months.
  • Figure out where the money in my bank accounts need to go towards.
  • Put all of my bills I have to pay each month on a schedule.
  • Create a Christmas shopping list (so Christmas shopping will be less of a hassle this year).
  • Make a want list (so I can motivate myself to save money).
  • Find an easier way to keep track of what I spend money on.


I will let you know throughout the month how I am doing with these steps.

If you have any questions about Organize October, please let me know.

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Thank You and Have A Great Day

Millennial Dude


2 thoughts on “Organize October

  1. What’s up Millennial Dude? Very interesting post. Gladly my mom didn’t read this post as well, because I know should would be making me organize my room as well hahaha! In case you haven’t been following up, recently I transitioned my blog into a website! Come check it out, and I would love to get your professional feedback:


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