Another Finance Blog You Should Check Out


Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a great week.

Today, I wanted to do something different.

I am going to share with you a personal finance blog I adore. I am sharing this blog with you because I think you might be interested in reading it.


This blog is called Pro Finance Blog (

It covers the following topics:

  • Personal Finance
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Investing


The author of this blog is Tina Roth.

Here is more information about her:

  • She is in her 30’s.
  • Tina is married with two kids.
  • She lives in Florida.
  • Her expertise on finances comes from being a financial planner and learning from her own mistakes with finances.
  • She wants to help people be successful with managing their finances wisely.


Below are reasons why I like reading her blog:

  • I like that the information she gives in each article is very clear. When I read her article on car insurance terminology, she broke it down in terms I understand ( My insurance companies have not taken the time to explain car insurance like she does. Now I know what to look for when I shop around for car insurance again.
  • I like that there a lot of articles to read on her blog. Because of this, I won’t be bored when I am on her blog. I like always having something to read.
  • She knows what she is talking about. She knows a lot more information about finances than I do. Compared to her, I’m an amateur.
  • I like that she applies what she has learned from her past mistakes to help others. She writes a post where she tells college students how they can control their finances while they are still in school ( In the post, she advises students not to spend money on items they don’t need because she stated in her About Me page ( that she got into a lot of debt because she did some “impulse shopping”.
  • Her experiences are similar to mine. From the example above, I had financial issues in college because I went on shopping sprees at the mall to get items I didn’t need (and it put a dent on my finances). I wish the article she wrote on her advice with that was posted when I was in college. I would have gotten that issue fixed a lot sooner than I did.


Here are 6 of my favorite articles from her blog (Keep in mind that some of these articles are guest posts):


Please go check Pro Finance Blog out and let me know what your thoughts on it are.

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Thank You and Have A Great Weekend

Millennial Dude


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