How did Sell September go?


Hey everyone,

I hope you all are having a great day today.

I decided to wave the white flag on Sell September.

I couldn’t sell any more items.

Here’s what I sold:

  • I sold a ton of items through a local Facebook auction group and got around $25 total from doing that.
  • I sold one of the DVD sets for $5 at a local Facebook Online Yard Sale Group.

Below are pictures of some of the items I sold:

I made around $30 total.

However, I found another $11 hidden in the glove compartment of my car the day I exchanged the goodies at the meetup place of the local Facebook auction group. I think it was money from a past auction group meetup I didn’t put in the bank.

I am adding that to my total to get $41.

Here’s why my total wasn’t that high:

  • I tried to sell on Ebay but they made me get a new account because I haven’t sold or bought anything on that site for 6 months. Because of that my feedback was zero. Most people will not buy from someone that has zero feedback on there (it’s a trust issue). I didn’t have time to buy anything on there to get my feedback to a positive number.
  • I should have invested in a weighing machine to see how many pounds each item I wanted to sell on Ebay or other non-local niche Facebook groups to get how much shipping would have cost. If I would have known the prices of shipping for those items, I would have had no issue listing them. I would have had a few more items sell through that method.
  • I should have sold some of the items that didn’t sell on the auction group on the yard sale site. I got 5 times more for the DVD set I sold than I would have at the auction group (if it had sold).

Next year, I will spend more time on doing this, do my research, and do everything I can to sell an item that is taking up space in my house.

The items that did not sell will be donated to my church for the yard sale they are having in a couple of weeks.

If you participated in Sell September, please tell me how you did.

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Thank You and Have A Great Day

Millennial Dude



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