My Spending Report Card for October


Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a great Halloween. I sure did.

As we all know, November has arrived.


Because of that, I worked on figuring out how much I had spent on expenses from the income I brought in.

I did not use a budget (like I normally would this month) because I switched jobs and am figuring out how much I can budget for each category.

Click on the link below to see how I did:


Here are my wins for the month:

-I only spent $131 on Utilities. I normally spend around $200 a month in this category. I think it was low this month because I didn’t need to turn on the heater or air conditioner. The weather was just right.

-I only spent $52 in Gas. I normally spend around $80 a month in this category. I didn’t need to go many places last month. I can further this down by only running errands once a week.

Here is my fail for the month:

-I spent $79 on personal needs. I normally spend around $60 a month in that category. I have to quit making as many trips each week to the store to get what I need.

From this analysis, I have created a new budget for November and December:



Please tell me how October went for you financially.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank You and Have A Nice Day

Millennial Dude


One thought on “My Spending Report Card for October

  1. I am loving the weather this year. We haven’t had to use the AC or the heat for over a month and I have really seen the difference in my electric bill. Here’s hoping the mild weather continues!

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