My Grocery Haul for November


Hey everyone,

How are you all doing today?

I’m doing great.

Glad that the weekend is here.

I went ahead and did my grocery shopping last weekend for October.

I don’t have any pictures for my haul this time because I accidentally deleted them off my camera when I had to get space to take pictures of our most recent Youth Night event.

I apologize about this.


Here are some deals I scored on:

-Big box of Mott’s fruit snacks for $7.00 again (It goes for $17 as the lowest price on Amazon).

-3 bags of vegetable chips for $5

-Pepperidge farm whole grain bread for $1.20 per loaf

-$1.50 for a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter (I bought 4 of them)

-99 cents for spaghetti sauce in a jar

-50 cents for frozen snack size Mexican food bowls

-98 cent per pound for chicken breasts

-$1.60 for a 3 pound bag of apples

There were a couple of extra deals I scored on but didn’t go towards my grocery budget:

-I bought five 2 liter bottles of Pepsi products at 88 cents each for my church’s youth group

I bought 10 tubes of canned biscuits for $1 per tube. From that, I created 100 biscuits for Youth Night this past Sunday.

-I bought 10 boxes of Christmas cake mix for 59 cents each for Christmas gifts and get- togethers


How did I do this month?

-I gave myself $100 to spend for this month. I spent $97. So, I was $3 under my budget.


What meals do I plan on doing this month?

– I plan on doing Mandarin Orange Teriyaki chicken sometime this month.

I would like to do Pineapple Porkchops with Soy Sauce over Rice (This time I put the pork chops in the freezer).

How have you done on groceries so far this month?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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Thank You and Have A Nice Weekend

Millennial Dude





2 thoughts on “My Grocery Haul for November

  1. You can buy real fruit, puree it and put it on parchment paper in a food dehydrator to make your own without all that other junk in it that processors do. If you add pectin, it turns into those gummy type fruit snacks. But dehydrators do make a difference in your snacks. If you cannot afford one on Craigslist, you can use the inside of your car that gets to about 140 degrees when sunny. Not only saves money, but gives you ways of doing things outside the box.

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