I shopped for Health Insurance for 2017


Hey everyone,

This week, I went ahead and got health insurance for 2017 (for health reasons).


I went to healthcare.gov and filled my information out.

I found a plan that normally costs $300 a month. With a $200 credit, I am only going to pay around $100 a month for the insurance.

Here is more information about that plan:

  • I would have to pay a $1,000 deductible and $1,850 out of pocket for the year
  • I would get generic prescriptions for $10; and brand name prescriptions for $40
  • $35 for doctor’s visits
  • Insurance would pay for 25% of the bill for ER Care and Specialist Doctors
  • It works with local doctors and hospitals

It’s not the best plan, but it’s better than what I paid for before. I’ll accept it.


Here’s what I will do with health care for 2017:

  • Use the insurance to get a check up and see what I need to do healthwise.
  • Since Trump will be elected, I will see if there are better deals on health insurance later in the year.
  • I will also sign up for a health discount club (to save money on medical expenses).
  • I will do my best to stay healthy next year (by eating right and exercising).


Please let me know what you think about this. Tell me about your experience with health insurance.

Thank You and Have A Great Weekend

Millennial Dude


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