How are you doing today? I am doing well.

Let me tell you more about myself.

I am 27 years old. I’m single with no kids. I work as a warehouse associate at a major online retailer. I live in a rural area in Georgia. My main interest is learning how to save money and finding new ways to do that. I also like sharing that information with others. I like to write, read, watch college football in the fall, and connect with others. I am also a father to an interesting cat.

Here’s my financial situation.

I just paid off my student loan debt for good. I won’t have to worry about making a student loan payment every month anymore.I have around $32,000 in debt on my mortgage. I have less than $500 in my savings account for emergencies and the long-term. My goal is to get back on a financial journey where I can save money to pay off my mortgage and have money for emergencies and the long-term.

I will blog about my journey to improve my personal fiances as well as share information on how you can improve your personal fiances.

Please come along and we will have a blast


Millennial Dude