I’m taking a break for a while

Hey everyone,

I wanted to announce that I will be taking a break on this blog for a while.

I have run out of topics to discuss on this blog.

I also would like to spend some more time getting my other blog ready. I will post updates on that as soon as possible.

I also have several holiday events coming up.

I’m also taking a writing class to improve my writing.

I apologize for the break. I need to regroup.

Thank You To All For Reading My Blog. I really appreciate it.

Have A Great Week

Millennial Dude

I shopped for Health Insurance for 2017


Hey everyone,

This week, I went ahead and got health insurance for 2017 (for health reasons).


I went to healthcare.gov and filled my information out.

I found a plan that normally costs $300 a month. With a $200 credit, I am only going to pay around $100 a month for the insurance.

Here is more information about that plan:

  • I would have to pay a $1,000 deductible and $1,850 out of pocket for the year
  • I would get generic prescriptions for $10; and brand name prescriptions for $40
  • $35 for doctor’s visits
  • Insurance would pay for 25% of the bill for ER Care and Specialist Doctors
  • It works with local doctors and hospitals

It’s not the best plan, but it’s better than what I paid for before. I’ll accept it.


Here’s what I will do with health care for 2017:

  • Use the insurance to get a check up and see what I need to do healthwise.
  • Since Trump will be elected, I will see if there are better deals on health insurance later in the year.
  • I will also sign up for a health discount club (to save money on medical expenses).
  • I will do my best to stay healthy next year (by eating right and exercising).


Please let me know what you think about this. Tell me about your experience with health insurance.

Thank You and Have A Great Weekend

Millennial Dude


5 Ways To Save Money On Christmas


Hey everyone,

The Christmas season is coming up in a few weeks.

I bet many of you are stressing about how you can afford it.


Here are 5 ways you can save money this Christmas:

  • Plan ahead of time. Make a budget to determine how much you will spend on everything needed for Christmas (and stick to that budget). Create a list of people you have to buy gifts for or give cards to. Figure out the trips you have to take to see family members (and go ahead and get your lodging before it’s gone and you have to pay top dollar for it).


  • Reuse decorations from last year. This will prevent you from having to buy new decorations at top dollar prices.


  • Buy your cards in packs at the dollar store. Buying individual cards cost more money than buying them in packs. I paid $5 for a pack of cards compared to paying $5 for one card (at some stores) They won’t be as pretty, but you can make up for that by adding some thought into your writing in the card.


  • Make baked goodies as gifts. If you buy a regular gift, you won’t know if the person will use it or not. If they don’t use the gift, it becomes a waste of money on your part. You might have been better off making them a dessert they will eat (for half of the price of the cost of a gift).


  • Do your shopping online. Shopping online will save you money on gas and time as well. If you spend a certain amount of money online, they will give you free shipping. If you use Ebates, you might be able to get a rebate on some of the money you spent on the online stores (depending on the store). They also have coupon codes you can use as well.


Please let me know what ideas you have for saving money this Christmas.

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Thank You

Millennial Dude

Quick Updates for This Blog


Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend.

I wanted to share with you all some quick updates I’m doing.

  • I am in the process of creating another blog. It will debut sometime in January. I will let you all know more about it as it comes along. It will be more about my lifestyle.
  • Organize October is finishing up. I will give you all an update sometime this week on how that is going.
  • I did do some tweaking in my budget. I will share that with you guys sometime in the next two weeks.
  • I will also share some holiday money saving tips throughout this month and next month (so you guys won’t have to spend a fortune this holiday season).
  • I’m still working on being on a set schedule for good.

Thank you all for reading my blog

Millennial Dude

My Grocery Haul for November


Hey everyone,

How are you all doing today?

I’m doing great.

Glad that the weekend is here.

I went ahead and did my grocery shopping last weekend for October.

I don’t have any pictures for my haul this time because I accidentally deleted them off my camera when I had to get space to take pictures of our most recent Youth Night event.

I apologize about this.


Here are some deals I scored on:

-Big box of Mott’s fruit snacks for $7.00 again (It goes for $17 as the lowest price on Amazon).

-3 bags of vegetable chips for $5

-Pepperidge farm whole grain bread for $1.20 per loaf

-$1.50 for a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter (I bought 4 of them)

-99 cents for spaghetti sauce in a jar

-50 cents for frozen snack size Mexican food bowls

-98 cent per pound for chicken breasts

-$1.60 for a 3 pound bag of apples

There were a couple of extra deals I scored on but didn’t go towards my grocery budget:

-I bought five 2 liter bottles of Pepsi products at 88 cents each for my church’s youth group

I bought 10 tubes of canned biscuits for $1 per tube. From that, I created 100 biscuits for Youth Night this past Sunday.

-I bought 10 boxes of Christmas cake mix for 59 cents each for Christmas gifts and get- togethers


How did I do this month?

-I gave myself $100 to spend for this month. I spent $97. So, I was $3 under my budget.


What meals do I plan on doing this month?

– I plan on doing Mandarin Orange Teriyaki chicken sometime this month.

I would like to do Pineapple Porkchops with Soy Sauce over Rice (This time I put the pork chops in the freezer).

How have you done on groceries so far this month?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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Thank You and Have A Nice Weekend

Millennial Dude





My Spending Report Card for October


Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a great Halloween. I sure did.

As we all know, November has arrived.


Because of that, I worked on figuring out how much I had spent on expenses from the income I brought in.

I did not use a budget (like I normally would this month) because I switched jobs and am figuring out how much I can budget for each category.

Click on the link below to see how I did:


Here are my wins for the month:

-I only spent $131 on Utilities. I normally spend around $200 a month in this category. I think it was low this month because I didn’t need to turn on the heater or air conditioner. The weather was just right.

-I only spent $52 in Gas. I normally spend around $80 a month in this category. I didn’t need to go many places last month. I can further this down by only running errands once a week.

Here is my fail for the month:

-I spent $79 on personal needs. I normally spend around $60 a month in that category. I have to quit making as many trips each week to the store to get what I need.

From this analysis, I have created a new budget for November and December:



Please tell me how October went for you financially.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank You and Have A Nice Day

Millennial Dude


How did Sell September go?


Hey everyone,

I hope you all are having a great day today.

I decided to wave the white flag on Sell September.

I couldn’t sell any more items.

Here’s what I sold:

  • I sold a ton of items through a local Facebook auction group and got around $25 total from doing that.
  • I sold one of the DVD sets for $5 at a local Facebook Online Yard Sale Group.

Below are pictures of some of the items I sold:

I made around $30 total.

However, I found another $11 hidden in the glove compartment of my car the day I exchanged the goodies at the meetup place of the local Facebook auction group. I think it was money from a past auction group meetup I didn’t put in the bank.

I am adding that to my total to get $41.

Here’s why my total wasn’t that high:

  • I tried to sell on Ebay but they made me get a new account because I haven’t sold or bought anything on that site for 6 months. Because of that my feedback was zero. Most people will not buy from someone that has zero feedback on there (it’s a trust issue). I didn’t have time to buy anything on there to get my feedback to a positive number.
  • I should have invested in a weighing machine to see how many pounds each item I wanted to sell on Ebay or other non-local niche Facebook groups to get how much shipping would have cost. If I would have known the prices of shipping for those items, I would have had no issue listing them. I would have had a few more items sell through that method.
  • I should have sold some of the items that didn’t sell on the auction group on the yard sale site. I got 5 times more for the DVD set I sold than I would have at the auction group (if it had sold).

Next year, I will spend more time on doing this, do my research, and do everything I can to sell an item that is taking up space in my house.

The items that did not sell will be donated to my church for the yard sale they are having in a couple of weeks.

If you participated in Sell September, please tell me how you did.

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Thank You and Have A Great Day

Millennial Dude